Quicken 2008

Intuit, Inc. (Proprietary)

Quicken 2008 is a program that allows users to manage their personal, business, and home finances via their computers.  The program allows the user to organize finances individually for personal, business, and home separately, or manage all finances. The user can view debts, income, and expenses for personal, home, and business matters. It also allows the user to manage their business expenses from the personal account.

Quicken 2008 allows the user to view all personal and business accounts like banks, pension plans, and brokerages in one layout. A Business Center function presents users with an overview of income for the month, expenses for the month, and remaining balance of the user’s personal and/or business accounts. A monthly calendar is available to view schedules of bill payments, reminders, and paychecks. The user can track and identify transactions the user inputs for personal and business income and expenses, with the program saving transaction records. The program also allows the user to scan and attach documents to related accounts or projects. The user can view a tax deduction summary to see the current status of tax deductions for the year.

Another feature of Quicken 2008 is the “My Savings Plan.” The user sets a monthly goal for budget and savings. It allows the user to view a summary of expenses and compares it with the user’s initial monthly plan.