QuickBooks Pro Timer

Intuit (Proprietary)

QuickBooks Pro Timer is a companion program for the QuickBooks program. It is a timer program that complements the QuickBooks Accounting software. However, it can also work as a standalone program. With the QuickBooks Pro Timer, users can track the time an employee or a set of employees have worked.

QuickBooks Pro Timer initiates the time tracking feature by first creating a profile for each and every employee in the company. The program can also track vendors or any other personnel working by the hour. Users may create lists consisting of people in the same department or same class. If the group is for employees, the user has to set up not just the time but also the payroll information. The program also enables users to choose the checkbox that corresponds to the transferring time data. The lists can be exported in IIF file format which can be utilized in QuickBooks and vice versa.

QuickBooks Pro Timer features a classic grey graphical user interface. The menu bar features the following options: Previous, Next, Spelling, and Time Sheet. The rest of the window enables users to add the Date, Name, Customer or Job type, Service Item, Payroll Item, WC Code, and Class. A small box located in the lower left portion enables users to start the timer, while the box beside it allows users to add notes.