QuickBooks for Windows

Intuit Inc. (Proprietary)

QuickBooks is a business accounting program first released by Intuit Inc. in 1992. This program is designed for users who have little or no accounting expertise. QuickBooks enable users to track their income and expenses, prepare tax information, and manage the payroll and taxes of their employees. This program can work with Microsoft Excel in importing and exporting financial data and can also gather banking data online. QuickBooks can also protect a user’s financial data by means of a back-up feature.

QuickBooks provides a variety of web-based features such as remote access, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, electronic payment, and online banking functions. For online bank transactions, QuickBooks can download banking information such as the account name and number as well as credit card information eliminating the need for the user to type the information manually. This process improves data accuracy and reduces errors by wrong data inputs. This program is also integrated with Google Maps and has email functionality via Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. This program also includes various add-on programs for creating tax returns. QuickBooks can help users create and edit invoices, track sales and inventories, create customer and vendor profiles, handle foreign currencies, and even work with colleagues in other locations online. In addition, QuickBooks enable users to monitor their business performance by generating business reports, which can be exported to raw data using Microsoft Excel.