quick3D 4.0

Bill M. Sherman (Shareware)

quick3D is a program used for viewing and converting 3D files. The application supports a wide variety of 3D file formats. It can be used by novice 3D graphic artists and professionals. The application has a simple user interface that consists of a work area, menus, and task buttons. When converting 3D files, the program makes sure that the converted file is as close to the source file as possible.

The program’s interface has six menus that are located at the top portion of the main window. These six menus are File, Display, Scene, Mesh, Options, and Help. The Help menu consists of help files that can be accessed by the user in order to read more about the features and how to use the application. The work area is where the 3D model will be displayed after it has been imported to the application. There are also other 3D tools that are located at the bottom part of the main window including Rotate, Wire, Solid, Texture, Box, Pivot, Spin, and others. Users can also view their 3D models in different texture qualities from minimal to very high. quick3D also comes with a Configuration Wizard that will help users to configure the settings for the application.