Quick Search

Glarysoft Ltd (Freeware)

Quick Search is a free system utility software which allows user to search for items like documents, images, videos, audio files and others faster than the Windows Search does. The typical search function of Windows search has the major limitation on speed, which is the problem being addressed by this simple application.

Similar to Windows search, Quick Search searches for missing files using the keywords, which will be provided by the user. The user interface for this software is user-friendly with two major section: the area where the user inputs the keyword and the display screen where the software shows the search results. Other options are also available for advanced users, such as the capability to filter display results by type (shortcuts, folders, documents,pictures, videos and music), to download results as TXT file as well as to copy, cut, paste, and select items from the list. The complete menu can be accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon on the user interface. It includes Full Mode, Match Path, Options, Help, Home Page, Check for Update, and Exit. The installation is straightforward and users just need to follow prompts on the screen. The user can create a shortcut for the application, can leave it hidden, and can display it on demand by pressing the CTRL button twice.