Quick Menu Builder

Mattgo Soft (Shareware)

Quick Menu Builder is a tool that is useful to people whose work involves the creation of custom executable menus. This utility is dedicated to providing users with all the needed functions to create varied outcomes. Quick Menu Builder users do not need to learn about any programming knowledge in order to operate the utility effectively. It is easy to use and beginners will have no trouble figuring out how to operate it and what each feature is for.

Quick Menu Builder produces menus fast and easy. The user interface is intuitive and the ease of the design allows user to progress through the construction of the menu. Construction is easy and not at all complicated. Menus are created underneath the picture as an underlay. The custom menu is compatible with all existing versions of Microsoft Windows.

With Quick Menu Builder, the construction process requires certain steps so that the process is made more logical. Each step has a lot of freedom especially given the features, which are available to users. Quick Menu Builder gives user the means of creating custom menus in only a few minutes. All the details can be added, and with the wealth information available to users, each custom menu is a unique version.