Quick Image Navigator 1.25

Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. (Freeware)

Quick Image Navigator is a program that is useful in managing images and importing image files from a scanner to a desktop or laptop computer. This utility is developed by Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. This application can be used to edit, annotate, and send files and is very handy when a lot of scanned documents need to be organized and dealt with.

One of the main features of this application by Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. is its capacity to provide the user with a preview of graphic files such as PDF. Another important feature of Quick Image Navigator is its capacity to simultaneously manage different file formats, thus speeding up the time that related tasks are completed.

The user interface is intuitive and largely similar to that of Windows Explorer. Assign from classifying and searching, the other functions of this utility are:
• Expanding usage of scanned documents
• Dragging scanned documents into a separate application
• Removal of blurring
• Correction of documents
Quick Image Navigator is a powerful, efficient and versatile program that does not require a lot of space in the hard drive.

With this application the user can also assign data to folders that present with thumbnail displays of the content, not necessitating the use of other programs to check what is inside.