Toxic Games (Proprietary)

Q.U.B.E or Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion is a physics-themed puzzle game developed by Toxic Games and released in December 2011. Q.U.B.E players guide their avatars to the exit of each level to advance to the next level. The avatar wears special gloves that have several functions depending on the types of blocks the avatar encounters. The game environment features a monochromatic theme punctuated with some colored blocks on the walls, ceiling or floors. Avatars can interact only with these brightly colored blocks.

Q.U.B.E gameplay features scene exploration and interactive play. Players find special gloves upon waking up inside the level. These special gloves interact with specific blocks depending on the color of the blocks. Red blocks retracted or extended while blue blocks retract to form a springboard upon contact. Yellow blocks can be changed into stairs while purple blocks allow players to rotate wall sections. Green blocks become a cube or sphere that players need to manipulate. Q.U.B.E gameplay requires players to manipulate these blocks or a combination of these blocks to reach the exit and advance to the next room. However, Q.U.B.E rooms features different puzzle aspects. There are light-oriented puzzle rooms which require players to manipulate the light to a certain position. Another room requires users to remember block positions as the lights are turned off aside from some lighted blocks. The game ends when the player reaches an escape pod that launches them out of there.