Quattro Pro

Corel Corporation Limited. (Shareware)

Quattro Pro is a spreadsheet application developed originally by Borland. After Corel Corporation bought it, it became a component of the Corel WordPerfect Office suite. The application lets users create documents to aid them in managing, analyzing, reporting, and sharing data. It contains tools for producing lists, charts, financial forms, databases, reports, and other types of documents that presents and stores data. Quattro Pro spreadsheet files come with the file extension, .qpw.

To perform its many tasks, Quattro Pro provides charting features and rendering choices. It arranges and organizes every notebook into worksheets, making it possible to have one or more worksheets in a notebook.  The program consists in the following functions: property bar, QuickFill feature, QuickFit feature, customization features, formulas, sort feature, QuickCell and Undo buttons, and others. Users can open outputs of the application from Excel.

The property bar allows for editing of properties of labels, objects, and values. It is also useful for adding borders to cells. With the QuickFill feature, users can enter values in many cells without typing each value in every cell. It provides a selection of series to organize the cells, including days of the week, months, and custom series. The Notebook toolbar has QuickFit buttons that permit changing of column and row widths to fit the entries. Users can enter any formula for performing calculations on values in other cells. The sort feature enables users to sort data based on one or several criteria from the table. Users can sort information in descending or ascending order. With the Quickcell button, users can view the effect of changing values in one cell on other cells. They can undo a change or multiple changes.