Quattro Pro 10

Corel, Inc. (Proprietary)

Quattro Pro 10 is a spreadsheet application developed by Corel and released on 2002. The program is highly useful when processing financial and business transactions. Using Quattro Pro 10, users can create and manage their own worksheets. These worksheets may be kept and organized into notebooks. A notebook can contain unlimited number of worksheets. The program utilizes an MDI or Multiple Document Interface. This allows users to view more than one document at a time. Users can also work with multiple notebooks simultaneously

Quattro Pro 10 features a classic grey user interface. The title bar shows the file name of the document, as well as the file path. The menu bar and the task bar contain menu options and common tasks peculiar to a worksheet application. The Worksheet area displays the column designation at the top, and the row numbers on the left side. The squares or boxes where these two variables coincide are called cells. Each cell is named after the column letter and the row number. For example, cell designations can be A1, A2, E3, etc. These cells recognize formulas, particularly mathematical computations. Users may input formulas inside the cell and the cell will show the answer. Cells likewise recognize other cells by typing in the cell designation. Thus, users can compute the sum or difference between two values contained in two different cells. This is the function of the worksheet application.