QuarkXPress 7.20r0

Quark, Inc. (Shareware)

QuarkXPress is a digital publishing program is designed to deliver professional print designing. It provides productivity features that lets the user generate impressive print or live digital graphics. Users can synchronize between digital projects, print layouts, and designs for various tablet dimensions and orientations. Users can also share and combine style sheets, color definitions, and other similar resources. The application is simple—it does not require the user to have advanced skills for designing multiple media. This makes the application easy to use, resulting in faster production.

Below are some of the most essential features offered by QuarkXPress:

• Adaptive resolution - The user-designer does not have to worry about screen performance and resolution settings. The graphics are rendered in real-time using the highest required resolution for matching image crop, zoom, and position. Text and vectors remain as they are, even in their low-resolution mode.
• Cutting-edge technology – The program makes use of a Xenon graphics engine, which has dedicated vector processors. This technology is able to support SSE3, multi-threading, and advanced vector extension. Owing to the application’s inherent program for image and vector file enhancement, graphics in QuarkXPress are clearly and vividly displayed.
• Loaded PDFs—Every aspect of placed PDFs within a layout, such as fonts, layers, color spaces, vectors, transparency, gradients, an blends, are carefully rendered.