Quark XPress Converter 3.01

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Shareware)

Quark XPress Converter is a program that converts Quark XPress publications on any platform into Adobe PageMaker publications. The program converts either one document at a time or converts a group of documents simultaneously, with conversion time corresponding to the sizes and complexities of documents. The conversion time is also dependent on the user’s computer configuration.

On the main interface, the program displays the conversion process (and progress) with corresponding command buttons. The File List shows the selected document files and the corresponding path that displays the status bar. Size information reports the sizes of the source documents in actual bytes, while the Pages reflect the number of pages of source publications. Other information displayed include Version (showing the version of the source publication), and the Check or X marks for either successful or unsuccessful document conversions.

The other important command button on Quark Xpress Converter includes Convert, which starts the conversion process. Clicking the button while conversion is in progress will suspend the operation, and the button will display Resume. The user can choose to resume the conversion by clicking on this button. Clicking Cancel suspends the process, and changes into a dialog box where the user has the option again to resume the conversion. The Progress button displays the current status of conversion and resets after each completed operation.