Quantum of Solace

Activision Inc. (Proprietary)

007:Quantum of Solace™ is a first-person shooter video game based on the James Bond’s movies Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. A first-person shooter game is a gun and projectile game where the player sees the scene exactly as how the protagonist being played sees it. However, the view in the game will switch to a third-person view on some scenes to show that the player is James Bond.

007:Quantum of Solace™ can be played on single player and multiplayer modes. Based on the gaming device used, the software can be played by up to 12 players. Twelve players can play via Xbox, Playstation 3 and Windows Editions online, 4 players can play on Wii while either online or offline. Examples of the Multi-player modes include Bond Versus, Golden Gun, Territory Control, Classic and Bond Evasion. On the Bond versus mode, the player fights against six members of the Quantum Organization. His objective is to kill the three antagonists or to defuse two out of three bombs against a time limit. In this mode, the player is given two lives and can use a variety of weapons to defeat his enemies who are limited to only two weapons. The player loses the game if he is killed twice or is unable to defuse the bomb on time.