id Software (Proprietary)

Quake is a computer video game in the shooter genre where the player has to escape a maze environment full of monsters. The game's gameplay is built around Doom, another shooter game. There are two game modes - single player and multiplayer. In single mode, the player works his way out of maze environments level after level in the game. There are four "episodes" in the game. In every episode, there are 8 levels that can be played. In all the levels, monsters are faced. They can be defeated with a variety of weapons in the player's arsenal. The levels also have doors. Some of them are opened using keys. Some are opened by pressing some buttons. This is a requirement to reach the next level. Before a level starts, the player chooses any of the 3 game modes. In easy mode, the enemy monsters are easier to defeat. In hard mode, the monsters are difficult to kill. Another mode called "Nightmare", can be accessed by dropping through the water before the entrance in Episode 4.

Multiplayer mode can be played when several players are connected through the local area network. They can also play over the Internet. In multiplayer mode, the players are divided into two teams. There are a variety of games types in multiplayer mode. One is called deathmatch. In this type of game, the team collectively kills the members of the other teams. The team with the last player still alive is the winner. This type of game typically lasts a few minutes.