Quake II

id Software (Proprietary)

Quake II is a first-shooter shooter game, which was created and developed by the company id Software. It was first released in December of 1997, but not as a sequel to the original Quake. One of the first differences that the player will notice is the relatively slower movement of the main character and its added crouching ability. The weapons used in the original Quake, which include the Grenade Launcher, Shotgun, Super Shotgun, and Rocket Launcher are retained in Quake II, although they feature new designs. However, the other four weapons in the first Quake including the Axe, Super Nailgun, Thunderbolt, and Nailgun are no longer used in Quake II.

Some of the new weapons in Quake II are the Machine Gun, Hyperblaster, and BFG10K. Players can also make use of new power ups such as Ammo Pack, Bandolier, Enviro-Suit, and Rebreather. In a single-player game, mission-based goals based on the plot are assigned to the player. For instance, a player will have to open a door by stealing a Tank Commander’s head. In the multiplayer mode, players can play one-on-one or as a cooperative. Players can make use of one of eight newly-designed maps in the deathmatch mode. They can also customize their characters and choose among three models: a female or male marine, and a male cyborg.