Quake 4

Raven Software (Shareware)

Quake 4 is a first shooter video game that was first released in 2005. It is the fourth title in the Quake series of computer games. The game’s story is the sequel to Quake II. In the game, the Earth is attached by a group of aliens called the Stroggs. Players assume the role of Matthew Kane, a marine who is a member of the elite military unit Rhino Squad. The player’s main objective is to destroy the Nexus, a communication device used by the Stroggs. The game is divided into five acts.

Quake 4 also has a multiplayer mode. There are different forms of play in multiplayer mode. These are Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Arena CTF, DeadZone, and Tourney. Players must complete the game missions in order to progress through the story. There are also several bosses to defeat in the game. Some of them are the Heavy Hover Tank, Network Guardian, Makron, Voss, and the Stream Protector. These bosses have varying combat skills and some may be more difficult to defeat than others.

Here are some of the characters in the game:
• Matthew Kane – Matthew Kane is the lead character in the game that users control. He is the only survivor in a space station disaster.
• Scott Voss – He is the commanding officer for the Rhino Squad.
• Johann Strauss – He is a corporal for the Space Marine Corps and has a gifted mind.