QuadSucker-News 5.0

SB-Software (Shareware)

QuadSucker-News is an application that serves as a newsgroup downloader and reader. It can download picture files from the alt.binaries newsgroups automatically. These binary newsgroups consist of binary data such as multimedia files (photos, music, and videos) and archives that have been encoded into articles in a newsgroup. With this application, users can easily download binary content.

This tool has two modes: Pick and Choose Mode and Streaming Download Mode. The first mode downloads the newsgroup posts automatically as soon as they appear, while the latter mode enables users to select only the content they want to download.

This downloader has support for different types of multimedia content. It supports image files (GIF, JPEG), music (MP3), and videos (AVI, MPG, MPEG), and it also downloads archives and application files in RAR and EXE format.

QuadSucker-News has a simple and intuitive interface with an organized layout, which makes it easy for users to navigate through. Users can configure the destination folder or series of subfolders of the downloaded files. This application has the ability to download up to five threads at the same time depending on the user’s connection speed. Users can see the completed downloads via the Progress Bar. To guide beginners in using the application’s tools and features, a program wizard is available.