QtSpim 9.1.12

James Larus (Freeware)

QtSpim is a development application that functions as a self-contained simulator for MIPS32 programs. It is the newest version of Spim, but unlike Spim, it is able to run on multiple platforms such as Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. It has the same user interface and source code on all the platforms, making it familiar and easy to use for developers working on multiple platforms. As such, users of Spim and its older versions, namely xspim and PCSpim, can also easily move to QtSpim. This program provides users with a windowing interface for greater ease of use.

Aside from the consistency across platforms, this development tool comes with a modern user interface and extensive help for beginners. With this program, users of all skill levels can easily check their MIPS32 projects for bugs and adjust accordingly. This application provides users with a simple debugger function as well as a basic set of operating system services. This tool is capable of implementing almost the entire assembler-extended instruction set of MIPS32. It is able not only to read but also execute assembly language programs that are written for the processor.Another feature of QtSpim is that it is able to omit most floating point comparisons as well as the memory system page tables and the rounding modes.