QTranslate 4.1.0

QuestSoft (Freeware)

QTranslate is a translation tool that everyone will find useful, from students to those who are reading or writing text in a foreign language.  It is easy to use, and with its excellent features, users will find that it’s a truly handy utility to have.  

The program uses other online translation services; therefore, users need to be online in order to use it.  Among its many features are:

• It can detect the source language, which makes using QTranslate very convenient.  
• It is user-friendly.  Users can choose to type or paste the text they wish to be translated on the program’s upper window pane, select the target language, and the translation will appear at the bottom pane.  
• Or they can simply highlight the word or words they wish to translate and press CTRL+Q.  A pop-up window will show the translated version, or if the user chooses, an icon will appear instead.  This works while using a word processor, surfing the Web, chatting, reading an email, or while utilizing any program that allows text selection.
• They can, likewise, listen to foreign words by highlighting the text and pressing CTRL+E.
• Moreover, CTRL+ALT+Q will activate an online dictionary search.

It has other great features, including translation history, spell checker, word suggestions, replacement of text with the translation, and more.