Qtracker 4.92

Ronald E. Mercer (Freeware)

Qtracker is a fully-functional server launcher and server browser that was released in 1998. It replaces the in-game browser of most online games for players to easily manage all listed games in the program. Players and users can also stream MP3 audio and generate or download HTML server lists. The software can support TCP/IP connections that detect online and offline games on the Internet.

Qtracker supports over 100 popular multiplayer games. These games include first-person shooting (FPS) games, simulation games, and RPG games. With the software’s simple layout, players can manage all the online and offline games listed in the user interface. Users can find new servers, add friends, administer servers, and watch games in progress. Qtracker has a “One-click Connecting” feature that allows players to connect instantly in a game. Players need not remember IP addresses to join or create a server or game. This auto-login feature can also automatically connect a player in a game if servers are full.

Players, rules, administration, and mapshots can be viewed from one convenient window in the software’s user interface. Player names, images of maps, and in-game action are also available for viewing.  Users can also use different filters to select servers based on their locations and game. Players can modify and create a filter to have easy access on every game.