Qt Designer

Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies) (Freeware)

Qt Designer is a widget toolkit that consists of tools for creating widgets. A widget is an element of the graphical user interface where the user can modify information, such as a window or a text box. This eliminates the need for non-technical users to learn programming using codes before coming up with a widget, as this software provides the tools need in a user-friendly way.

As a programming tool, the Qt Designer has a number of details organized on its user interface to guide users on creating their widgets. The menu bar has the common functions such as File, Edit, Form, Tools, Windows, and Help. The default toolbar shows functions for new file, open folder, save, undo, redo, delete, and others. There are four categories of functions on the Qt library including Layouts, Spacers, Buttons, and Items View (Model-based). If a user wants to create a blank form, elements from the library can be used with the drag and drop feature. The user interface is of file type .ui, which means that the widgets created there can be tested dynamically. Users can also choose to perform their development on Microsoft visual studio and Eclipse environments and their output can be integrated to the designer interface.