Qt Creator

Qt Development FrameWorks (Freeware)

Qt Creator is an Integrated Development Environment, or IDE, first released on May 11, 2009. It is included in the Qt SDK. The program is composed of a project manager, which utilizes the .pro file format. This project file consists of important information such as custom build steps, settings and what files are included in the project. There is also a code editor, which offers syntax highlighting support for different languages. The code editor also parses code in QML and C++ languages. It also offers support for creating and running Qt programs for desktop and mobile environments. This feature offers build settings, which enables users to switch between different build targets.

Qt Creator offers different tools. It has a version control systems, which supports Bazaar, Git, Subversion, Perforce, Mercurial and CVS. The program also includes a Qt Simulator tool, which can be used to test Qt programs that are made for mobile devices. A debugger plug-in is also available, which serves as the interface between external debuggers and the Qt Creator. This debugger plug-in is used for debugging C++ language. The program also shows raw information given by the external debuggers. Supported debuggers include Microsoft Console Debugger (CDB), GNU Symbolic Debugger (gdb) and Internal Java Script Debugger. Qt Creator features Integrated UI Designers. It includes two integrated visual editors – Qt Quick Designer and Qt Designer.