Tencent (Freeware)

QQ Doctor is a security software developed by Tencent, Inc. The program has three main functions. It is an Antivirus program. It is an Internet security tool that allows users to surf the web without fear of malwares. The program protects the computer or the system from malicious software including viruses and Trojans, among others. It blocks these malicious programs from gaining entry into the system and affecting its operations.

The program also features Privacy Protection functions. The program safeguards the privacy of the user by making sure that the system is protected from spamware, spyware, and hackers. The program also comes with System Optimization functions. To optimize the performance of the hardware, the program performs automatic checks applications that are running in the background. Unnecessary programs are automatically closed so as to conserve memory and energy.

QQ Doctor also comes as a mobile application. It functions as a security tool for mobile phones and tablets. As a mobile app, the program protects the phone from virus and other malwares made for mobile devices. It also features a one-touch optimization function that automatically closes background apps that are making the mobile device function slowly. The program also features a 4th function: Call and SMS Blocking. Through this app, users can set the phone to block calls and text messages from specified phone numbers.