QL Pianos

East West Sounds, Inc (Shareware)

QL Pianos is a collection of virtual piano instruments. The collection comprises some of the world’s leading piano models: the Steinway D, Bechstein D-280, Yamaha C7, and Bösendorfer 290. Users can choose from one of the four to test and know the sound difference. Some of the features of the virtual piano application are three microphone positions, namely close mics, player position mics, and room mics.

The exact profile aspects of the real piano counterparts are also displayed, such as microphone mixers, pedals (sustain and easy), velocities per note, pedal resonance, the articulation, concert hall impulse reverb, and lid position. The application also includes impulses from the music halls the application producers used to record Symphonic Choirs and Symphonic Orchestra, ensuring that the output sounds of the virtual pianos can easily blend with the collections mentioned.

The additional features of QL Pianos are as follows:

• Articulations – includes soft pedal (with sustain pedal), repetitions, sustain, staccato, sustain with pedal, and release trails
• True repetition sound – the repetition samples are all taken from 180 BPM performances, ensuring a true repetition sound
• Resonance – the sounds for the pedal resonance have been recorded for every note using multiple velocities
• Realistic piano sound – the sounds of the virtual pianos were recorded in a proper piano environment and were not simulated, ensuring accuracy in tone