QipShot 2.2.23 (Freeware)

Capturing parts or the entire screen of the desktop and uploading them online can be done using QipShot, a free application. It is a multi-purpose utility for taking snapshots of the screen and publishing them from the PC to QipShot network servers. Uploaded images may later be retrieved. The software contains a set of tools for editing the resulting screenshot. The screen-capturing function can cover the whole desktop, a portion of it, or any active window. The capturing and uploading process can be done with one click. There is no need for a separate image editor to trim the image down to thumbnail size or full-sized pictures for use in blogs, emails, and websites.

The software also allows the user to capture a screencast and upload it to the network. A screencast is a digital recording of the computer screen output, and is also known as a video screen capture. The output often comes with an audio narration. Whereas a screenshot is a picture of a computer screen, a screencast is primarily a movie of the various changes occurring on the computer screen. The audio narration enhances the movie.

Other special functions of QipShot include a turbo mode for publishing screenshots, an adjustable setting for the number of frames per second for recording screencasts, and a countdown timer for capturing screenshots.