QIP Infium


QIP (Quiet Internet Pager) Infium is a closed-source application used for cross-Internet communication. It allows users to communicate with other users using several protocols simultaneously. These protocols include Jabbel, AOL, ICQ, IRC and more. This program makes it possible to use different applications (i.e. Facebook, Google Talk, Twitter and others) from one window.

QIP Infium can receive and send offline messages. It also has a set of privacy options, which can be accessed on the main menu bar (Privacy Lists). In the Privacy List, there are three available tabs. These are the Ignore List, Visible List and Invisible List. This list provides an option on how the user will be viewed by other users. The program also features Message History that displays all the previous messages with a certain contact. There’s also a Find Text bar featured in QIP Infium. This feature works like a search bar, which allows users to find for a particular word or phrase on the Message History. The application also provides an option to save messages in txt file.

The application has a context menu that provides options for creating groups, searching for contacts and adding new contacts. Its search for contacts feature can also be done using “user-specified criteria”. Like most instant messaging clients, the program also features tools for changing the font and text size. It also offers a set of emoticons.

Other features available in QIP Infium include:

• Passwords for sending messages
• Clear messages
• File Transfer
• Status Messages
• Anti-Spam/Flood options and more…