Nenad Hrg ( (Freeware)

Q-Dir is a program that enables users to manage their files and folders and perform file operations quickly. This program allows users to browse up to four folder locations at the same time using a single window. Q-Dir works similarly to Windows Explorer except it allows users to browse multiple folders simultaneously. Users can perform copy, paste, cut, and rename actions faster without the need to switch between multiple separate folders.

Q-Dir’s user interface opens as four panels that contain the same commands. Each panel has the ability to browse for specific files and contains tiny buttons that enable users to choose their view. Q-Dir’s individual windows contain commands used to run, delete, and move files. The program also has extra features that enable users to zoom into certain portions of the program window. Q-Dir provides hotkeys for each command to enable users with impaired vision to execute actions in the program. The program provides three views: large icons, tiles, list, detailed view, tree view, and thumbnail view. Q-Dir also can also export data to XLS, CSV, TXT, and HTML. In addition, this program provides various filters that provide identification to certain files. These filters include the color filter that gives a specific color for different item types, the highlight filter, and the file filter.