Python Software Foundation (Freeware)

Python is classified as a programming language. This tool is utilized for many kinds of applications and one of its features is its offering of a broad range of choices for software development, Web development, database access, desktop GUIs, scientific and numeric computing, network programming, as well as 3D graphic and game design.

In Web development, Python use is found extensively from CGI script-writing to building high-end solutions and advanced content management systems like Zope and Plone. It provides support for HTML and XML, e-mail processing, RSS feeds processing, and many other Internet protocols. In database access, it is used in Custom and ODBC interfaces to Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others. Desktop GUI domains employ Python for Delphi, wxWidgets, GTK+, and many more.

The programming language has also been widely used for scientific and numeric computing in bioinformatics and physics. Educational programming utilizes the language both in the introductory level and in advanced courses, such as pybiblio and Education Special Interest Group. In lower-level network programming, Python’s influence is seen in socket interfaces and frameworks for asynchronous network programming. In software development, it is frequently used as support language for testing, build control and management, and so on. It is also instrumental in many hobby and commercial game development.

There are many important distinguishing features of the programming language. Some of them are the following:
• Easy-to-learn system
• Clear and highly readable syntax
• Capabilities for strong introspection
• Intuitive and responsive object orientation