PySolFC 2.0

Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer (Freeware)

PySolFC is a collection of solitaire card games. It also provides users with access to more than a thousand special games, including mahjongg games, matrix games, Ganjifa games, and games using the 52-card deck. The game features multiple cardsets, different tableau backgrounds, and a solitaire wizard to guide players in the games. It also displays player statistics and provides hints when needed. It has plug-in support and a built-in HTML help browser. Players can undo and redo actions as much as they want, create bookmarks, and save their games for later play.

The collection comes with more than 200 solitaire games that include the classic games Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, and Forty Thieves. All of the games, including the special games, are categorized. The categories are Hex A Deck with 19 games, Mahjongg with 200 games, French with 722 games, Mughal Ganjifa with 20 games, Hanafuda with 43 games, Trumps with 15 games, Dashavatara Ganjifa with 20 games, and Tarock with 22 games.

Players can track their performance with PySolFC and also control the mouse response and the playing speed. There is also a demo mode that shows players how to play each game. Among the included games are Baker’s Dozen, Gypsy, Memory, Pairing, Poker, Terrace, Fan, and Canfield.