PyScripter for Python 3.3

Kiriakos Vlahos (Shareware)

The computer program PyScripter for Python 3.3 from Borland Delphi is a powerful scripting solution designed specifically for Delphi applications. It is a standalone Python IDE that utilizes the SynEdit and P4D (Python for Delphi) components. It is designed for developers who possess programming knowledge for full use of its features.

PyScripter is a reliable source-code editor for the Python programming language. Users of this program is presented with a user-friendly interface from which various actions can be initiated, as well as a variety of text editing tools. Users can insert modifiers and parameters with ease and highlight script as well. The interface makes it easy to find specific program features such as the Code Explorer, the To-Do List, the Regular Expression Tester, and the Python Interpreter. Users may access drives for Python scripts through the File Explorer panel which is found on the left side of the screen. The program is designed to facilitate easy navigation from one directory or file to another.

PyScripter for Python 3.3 is a full-featured open-source utility designed primarily to function as a solution that developers can use to write and debug Python code. In addition, the program is also fully capable of editing code that is written in XML, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, C/C++, among others.