Pyramid Runner 1

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Pyramid Runner is a puzzle video game that is based on the classic game Lode Runner, which was first released in 1983. The game has a two-dimensional environment that is vibrant and colorful. The player’s goal is to collect gold bars that are spread throughout each level. Players control a man who is on a mission to gather all the riches he can from the pyramids in Egypt and other locations, such as the moon and dungeons. The game is fairly simple, but is made more challenging with the presence of enemies. Enemies come in the form of gorillas and mummies.

At the start of each level, players emerge from the START point. The player must then navigate through the level and collect the gold bars. There are ladders and ropes that will help the character move to different locations in the game.

Here are the other features of the Pyramid Runner game:

• Comes with puzzles that are spread across 80 levels in various locations
• Comes with a special package that is geared towards kids so the levels are easier to beat
• Has accompanying music to make the gameplay more interesting to play
• Different ways of solving each puzzle level