Christian Thöing (Freeware)

PWGen is an application that is able to generate secure passwords for users. The output passwords or passphrases are all cryptographically-secure and can be customized according to the user’s preferences and purposes. This tool is able to generate numerous passwords at once. As for passphrases, these are composed of words from a given word list. This password generator can also create random data files and do text encryption.

The features of this application enable users to do the following:

• Specify the number of characters – the recommended number of character strings for a secure password is 15 but users have the freedom to make it longer, especially if they have an online account that is extremely valuable
• Specify the characters to be used – the program provides users with a character field that can be customized to include numbers and special characters
• Indicate a wordlist to include in passwords – the default wordlist is English but users can also include a list of words in their preferred language by loading a text file
• Specify the format of the password – this application formats the password by default, but users can indicate how they want the generated passwords to be formatted or arranged

PWGen shows users how secure a password is through a colored bar. Orange means the password is low on security while bright green means the password is high security.