Puzzle Solitaire

Dekovir Entertainment (Shareware)

Puzzle Solitaire is a puzzle and card video game developed by Dekovir Entertainment and published by Gamehouse and iWin. It was first released on December 1, 2004. The game’s objective is to fill in all open tiles in the game board using available cards. There is only one rule. The player can only use a card to fill the tiles that are either lower or higher than the cards placed in the game board.

The game features two modes. Both modes have the same objective with little differences:

• Arcade Mode – In this mode, there are two types of bonus points – In this mode, the cards that can be used in the board are displayed sequentially. If one card is not used, it is automatically placed in the return pile, which can no longer be used unless the player uses the return bonus points.
• Classic Mode – In the Classic mode, the available cards are not displayed sequentially. Instead, they are placed in a group of four cards. Players can use any of the cards from the draw. If none of the cards can be placed, the player can hit the draw button to discard cards.

The game also features combo bonus and rapid bonus. Rapid bonus can be obtained when placing cards consecutively and rapidly. Combo bonus can be obtained when placing cards of the right suite together in certain patterns. The patterns are displayed at the upper right corner of the game’s interface.