Puzzle Quest 2

Infinite Interactive (Proprietary)

Puzzle Quest 2 is a puzzle Role Playing Game developed by Infinite Interactive and released on June 2010. It features a Match-3 gameplay to simulate combat. It follows after Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords game. In this game, each character can have five basic attributes—strength, agility, intelligence, stamina, and Morale. They are represented by 5 colors—red, yellow, blue, green, and purple, respectively. This game features four character classes—Barbarians, Assassins, War mages or Sorcerers, and the Inquisitors or Templars.

Puzzle Quest 2 gameplay patterns the Challenge of the Warlords gameplay. The players take turns in matching the gems in sets of 3 or more. The gems are of the same color as the five attributes. Matching gems of a particular color enables users to acquire mana for that particular mana reserve. When a mana reserve is full, the particular attribute that corresponds to it also increase in power. Thus, instead of matching gems, users may use a spell from a particular mana reserve. Players also acquire action points when matching gems. These action points can be used to buy potions, use a weapon, or employ a shield from enemy attack. However, these are temporary and may only be used for a number of turns. There are also skulls scattered across the board. When skulls are matched, the number of skulls corresponds to the damage points dealt to the enemy.