Puzzle Inlay

GameHouse, Inc (Proprietary)

Puzzle Inlay is a puzzle game developed by GameHouse in May 2003. Puzzle Inlay gameplay involves placing gems of different colors and sizes on the game board following a specific template. Gems then appear at the bottom of the user interface. The objective of the game is to choose a gem and place it on any of the blank spaces to finish the picture. There are 100 levels composed of different views and gem templates.

Puzzle Inlay user interface is composed of a display window for the current image to be created. Right panel shows the level, current score and time remaining for the player to complete the image. Below that is a panel for magic tools that players may use during the game. There is a magic wand, bomb, hammer and Sand timer icon. Bomb is used to blast away unused gems that piled up so that new gems may appear. Hammer is used to destroy gems while the sand time is used to extend the remaining time per level. There is a Drop Gems Here box for gems that were grabbed but will not be used after all.

Puzzle Inlay features Function key and keyboard shortcuts for some tools and in-game options. Function F1 pauses the game while F2 opens the Options window. F4, F7, F5, and F6 are for the respective magic tools mentioned. The number of times that the magic tools may be used is also indicated on the top right portion of the icon.