Puzzle Express

HipSoft LLC (Shareware)

Puzzle Express is a casual video game published by HipSoft LLC in 2004. Puzzle Express is a puzzle solving game where players need to complete a puzzle by placing blocks of different shapes and colors on the top of a train car. The player picks up the blocks from a moving conveyor belt, which increases its speed in higher game levels. The game’s objective is for the player to reveal the picture concealed on top of the train cars by fitting the correct blocks on the space. A player loses the game if the conveyor belt becomes full of blocks. Puzzle game contains two game modes (Express and Scenic) and over one hundred picture puzzles to reveal. In addition, users can import their own photos to be included in the picture puzzle database. Puzzle Express allows users to resume their game even after the game window is closed.

Puzzle Express gameplay focuses on concentration by enabling the player to figure out the correct layout of blocks while minding the amount of blocks delivered in the conveyor belt. The game’s controls include a point-and-click action in addition to the spacebar used in flipping the blocks. Players are provided with a cargo return chute where they can drop a block that won’t fit anywhere. Dropping a block on the cargo return chute elicits a time penalty that increases according to the number of blocks dropped. Users are also provided with bonus blocks that provides double the score when used and a single-cell block that can be placed in hard-to-manage spaces.