Puzzle Expedition

Top3Line (Shareware)

Puzzle Expedition is a casual video game in which the players have to make a path so they can walk to the exit and move to the next level. In this game, Anna is on a journey to track down her missing father. To do this, she enlists the help of a guide named Ben. Together they make their way to the last place of her father's expedition.

In Puzzle Expedition, the player must make sure the two characters work together to create pathways that would enable them to reach the exit. The pathways can be done by pushing the blocks on the screen. Moving the blocks can give the characters access to hard-to-reach areas, but it can also backfire. A wrong move can trap a character, preventing him or her from reaching the exit. When this happens, the level becomes impossible to finish and the user must restart. Some of the pathways can be made by moving blocks, attracting them with magnets, or by using teleporting mechanisms.

The game is set in different locations including Egypt and Alaska. There is no time limit for finishing the levels, and players can restart a level as often as needed. There are fifty levels in the game.