Puzzle Dimension

Doctor Entertainment (Proprietary)

Puzzle Dimension is a 3D puzzle game developed by Doctor Entertainment as its first game. The game’s goal is easy. Players have to control and navigate a small golden ball across a 3D architecture composed of tiles, to reach a particularly shiny tile. Reaching the shiny tile ends the level but to get the highest score possible, the player has to touch each tile in the structure and solve the puzzle in the shortest possible time. The square tiles comprising the 3D structure can be just plain tiles or hazards. Some tiles can be full of spikes, fire, ice, and other booby traps. Touching any of these tiles ends the current level. There are 100 levels to complete in this game.

Puzzle Dimension is a platforming puzzle game composed in 3D. Visual quality and renderings are creative and smooth. Tiles have a variety of textures. The game environment is composed of a varied selection of unique 3D structures. The game features support for 3D viewing through a 3D TV. The official soundtrack is reminiscent of a MIDI soundclip. This can be downloaded from the developer’s website. The game is built with a Traktor game engine, the developer’s in-house game engine.

Puzzle Dimension is similar to Kula World or Roll Away game. The two games share a developer, Jesper Rudberg, who co-founded the game developer company that designed the Kula World game.