Puzzle Agent

Telltale Games (Shareware)

Puzzle Agent features brainteaser-type puzzles in its expansive story-driven game. Players will have to control Tethers, the protagonist of the game, using a point-and-click user interface. The game will see the character discover Scoggins Town, interacting and assisting the inhabitants of the town to collect more information and move through the game.

Helping inhabitants will usually involve decoding puzzles that are presented with short descriptions. When a task is completed, the player’s performance will be evaluated through a grading system. The game will use a star-rating system, the number of which will depend on the player’s performance. Players will encounter brainteasers in the form of puzzles, riddles, and mazes. All through the game, there will be clues which can be obtained and can be stored for use when for puzzles that follow. The more clues used for a puzzle, the lower the grade. Players are only allowed to use three clues for every puzzle. In most cases, the last clue will give you a portion of the answer, making the game accessible to puzzle-solving novices.

The visuals of the game are a combination of 2D and 3D environments, including hand-drawn and cel-shaded elements. The two-dimensional elements give the game Puzzle Agent an old-school feel and, at the same time, a contemporary vibe due to the three-dimensional elements.