Disney Interactive Studios (Shareware)

Pure is a quad-bike racing game that was first released in 2008. Players race against 15 rival riders in more than 30 different race tracks in different locations, such as New Mexico and Italy. The game offers three game modes:

• Race – Players compete against other riders in races that last for over three laps. Race tracks in this mode have more twists and turns and players must stay on the lead by performing tricks on the bike.
• Sprint – Sprint races are short races that happen in more than five laps. The tracks enable players to perform only a couple of jumps, but there are lots of hard turns.
• Freestyle – In Freestyle mode, players can perform as many tricks as they can before emptying their gas tank. The rider who achieves the highest score from the performed tricks wins the game.

The game features a Trick System, which keeps track of the tricks that the player performs. The tricks being performed should vary in order to be ‘fresh’ and avoid being ‘stale’. Pure offers players the chance to build their own quad-bikes. With the choices available, there are more than 65,000 combinations for building the bike. Players can also go on a world tour in order to beat other players in different locations. The races take place in jungles, volcanoes, and mountains.