Puran Defrag Free Edition 7.6

Puran Software (Freeware)

Puran Defrag Free Edition is a defragmenter utility developed by Puran Software. It was initially released in 2007. The program is used for defragging files in order to optimize the computer system. It works by collecting the fragments of the files and putting them back together. It also moves frequently used documents and directories to the faster areas of the hard disks.

The program offers four main operations. These are Analyze, Defrag, Low Priority Defrag, and Boot Time Defrag. The Analyze operation is used for analyzing the hard drives and generating a cluster map of all the files in the selected hard disk. The generated cluster map consists of different types of block that are used to analyze how the data in the disk are fragmented. The program can analyze multiple drives simultaneously. The Defrag operation is for the program’s primary purpose, which is to defrag. The program displays how the blocks in the cluster maps are moved. Defragging multiple drives at the same time is possible. After the process is complete, it displays a report that consists of information about the fragmented files, directories, and bytes. The Low Priority Defrag is a special type of defragging method. When this method is used, it gives the defragging operation a low priority allowing users to still use the computer while it is defragging. The last operation, Boot Time Defrag, is another type of defragging method, which is launched when the computer boots.