PulsRadio non stop dance music ! (Freeware)

Puls'Radio is an audio streaming platform that can be accessed online or downloaded as an app and accessed using a mobile device. It was developed by a French company and offers access to free music streaming 24/7. Puls’Radio Non Stop Dance Music! is one of the music collections that can be streamed under this particular audio platform.

Puls’Radio Non Stop Dance Music! is a collection of new and old dance tracks from different countries. Some of the music in the compilation is by local French artists, as the company is French-owned and operated, and some are by renowned foreign artists. The platform works like a radio where music tracks are streamed and played randomly and track skipping capabilities are somewhat limited.

Like other music collections, Puls’Radio Non Stop Dance Music! can be downloaded onto the main app or chosen from the online media library. There are other variations to the dance music collection which have been categorized into more specific lineups that include 80’s dance, 90’s dance, and millennial dance tracks. All music is streamed in real-time. There is no recording or playback allowed. Once the application starts a particular selection, the user can only replay a track by listening to all music files under the umbrella.