Pudding Strike 1.0 (Shareware)

Pudding Strike is an interesting computer game. It is an entertaining past time that is classified as a shooting game which can be played online for free. This is a physics-based game based on two popular games which are Crush the Castle and Angry Birds. The player uses a slingshot, and with this tool a flock of pudding can be launched. The player can use this to knock down sugary structures and rescue a kidnapped princess. The game is played using the computer mouse.

The slingshot game called Pudding Strike is a fun game that has an interesting premise. Pudding Strike occurs in the world of candies. In this world, there are pudding citizens who hope to rescue their princess. This royal daughter has been stolen away by evil puddings and the player must eliminate the enemy at all game levels using the slingshot as primary weapon.

The game features different levels where the evil pudding citizens abide. In Pudding Strike the sugary structures are made from different food items such as jelly drops, cookies, and chocolate. The intent of the player to win is to damage these structures or hit the evil puddings. Pudding Strike also features additional weapons including explosive candies can be found at certain levels.