Cambium Networks, Inc. (Shareware)

PTP LINKPlanner is used to design and configure point-to-point links. Point-to-point links pertains to fixed wireless data communications utilized for the Internet or voice-over IP through radio frequencies in the multi-gigahertz range. The application enables operators to identify the performance behavior for PTP 800 microwave systems that have licensed Ethernet. The same can be done for the PTP 500, PTP 250, and PTP 600 Series those with no licenses, as well as defined-use licensed wireless bridges. As an RF (Radio Frequency) planning tool, LINKPlanner allows users to carry out possible events based on certain factors that boost the system’s performance.

Available for Macs and PCs, the tool's functionality features include:

• Graphic Display: Links can be optimized before they are deployed. This happens by modifying input information to determine their consequence on the throughput (the rate at which a system achieves its goal as a result of the movement of input and output through a production process). For instance, if calculation of a link reveals a low throughput, it is possible to make necessary changes to factors that affect link performance. These factors can involve product type, antenna height or size, channel bandwidth, frequency, and so on.
• Time-saving Features: User-friendly drop down menus greatly reduce learning time. The application generates performance reports providing textual detail and graphical data of the path and its estimated performance. Such reports give deployment guidelines that help conserve time.
• Quick Start: The tool instantly imports path profiles when a new link is created with the Path Profile Web Service.