PT Boats Knights of the sea

Akella (Proprietary)

PT Boats Knights of the Sea was first released in 2007. This game has been developed by the Russian company for four years prior to its release. It is a naval inspired game that runs on the company's own Storm engine system. This particular engine can be attributed to the game's high definition features and realistic environment.

Players have full command of a striking boat crew in PT Boats Knights of the Sea. Set in an open water environment, the challenge for the player is to be an effective combatant in open water where both defensive and offensive efforts should match or better yet, exceed the efforts of the Allied, German, or Russian navies.

The player has full command of the water vessels. Players have the ability to practice various warfare strategies using the different action modes offered by the game. With every successful effort comes advancement in ranking. The higher the ranking, the more tools and bonuses players get access to. The game starts in single player mode and this is where the vessel and crew development processes begin. When everything has been perfected by the player, he or she can then join the online network and play with other people. The game is a battle to the death where the last vessel and crew left floating wins.