Akella (Proprietary)

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea is a video game from Akella, a Russian developer, publisher, and distributor of video games. This is a naval simulation game that features advanced physics is set during the Second World War. Players are given the choice to take charge of either a Russian fleet, a German fleet, or an Allied fleet. In this game, mosquito fleets behave as they did during World War II. Each fleet is composed of speedy and highly maneuverable watercraft such as storm-boats, torpedo boats, patrol ships, and trawlers.

In PT-Boats by Akella mosquito fleets have many different functions. They serve as escorts but they can also be used to attack convoys. PT-Boats is a game gives players the opportunity to exercise control over a boat and every crewmember. Players can engage the enemy by using anti-aircraft guns, machine guns, and other World War II weapons.

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea gives players the chance to take command of the offensive and defensive capabilities of a fully weaponized boat. This tactical and strategic video game presents players with action modes that require changes in strategy. Players can advance in rank based on their success in the campaigns. This game can be played online with other players.