PS_View 5.12a

Piotr Strzelczyk (Open Source)

PS View is a cross-platform PDF viewer. It is free to download for personal use, making it easier to view PostScript (.ps) files in different platforms. It is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) program based on the GhostScript engine and is designed for all kinds of platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Also a PostScript viewer, it provides an interactive environment for viewing PostScript documents that use GhostScript. Ghostscript is a high-performance and high-quality PDF and PostScript renderer. It has a number of uses such as displaying PostScript files, displaying PS files for printing, and printing PS files using a non-PS printer.

PS_View also features magnification of documents and measuring of these documents. Furthermore, PS_View enable scaling of rotation, printing of documents, grids, online help, and more. In this program, PostScript files (.ps) can be viewed as if they were PDF files. It also automatically converts PostScript files to PDF. The latest version of PS_View includes a new help guide feature, new GhostScript version, and some software fixes.

Currently, the PostScript viewer PS_View is part of TeX Live distribution. However, TeX Live users can still use it separately or install GhostScript and GS View instead. The Start – Programs – TeX Live –Utilities menu lists entries of file previewers, including PS_View.