PStart 2.11

Pegtop Software (Freeware)

PStart is a tray-based program that initializes applications defined by the user. This is designed for running compact apps - such as mobile browsers and other lightweight programs – from removable disks or USB drives. The launching program itself is compact, and does not require installation on the hard drive.

PStart lends itself to quick use due to its menu style, which is similar to that of the Start Menu for Windows operating systems used for opening documents and accessing applications. The launcher also has user-friendly features that include a highly customizable interface, the drag-and-drop function for program management, and automatic and scheduled program startups, among other practical and intuitive capabilities. Mouse sensors and hot keys may be configured to display the program’s menu without the user clicking on the icon in the tray, for example. When installed in the system’s hard drive, the launcher provides the user with an extra start menu that comprises a feature that aids in quick program searching.

The program owes its efficient and compact nature to its infrastructure. It works by utilizing relative paths in the process of adding documents and apps, which then automatically preserves its portability when switching to and from different drives provided that these files are in the drive within which PStart is located.