PSpice Optimizer

Cadence (Proprietary)

PSpice Optimizer is an optimization program used to improve performance of circuits including analog, mixed analog, and digital circuits. Optimization is defined as the process by which different design parameters are fine-tuned in order to see the expected or ideal performance. This program is able to run optimizations, explore performance tradeoffs and fit model parameters. A working design which does not have multiple states or cases is a prerequisite for this program. This is not intended for initial creation of working design.

PSpice Optimizer automatically simulates and calculates for the best option in an electronic working design. For instance, a user would like to check the best way by which he can drive a current of 1 milliampere through a diode using a 15 voltage source and resistor in a series circuit. The user can opt to do the calculations manually but this would be highly inefficient given the many options he could do to tweak and fine-tune the design. If the recommendation, which came up does not satisfy the user’s needs, then he can still change the variable and parameters then recalculate. PSpice is able to perform optimizations for both constrained and constrained problems with either a single or multiple objective functions.