PSpice A_D

Cadence (Proprietary)

PSpice A_D is a similar intended for system design and fir the usage of engineers and designers. This program is Spice-based and is created based on industry standards. It main function is to stimulate mixed signal designs that are complex in nature. The signals can contain both digital and analog parts.
It features built-in behavioral modeling techniques as well as built-in mathematical functions. With these main components, this program has the capability to support stimulation models such as ADCs, DACs, IGBTs, and pulse with modulators.

It is a multi-dimensional utility that gives users the opportunity to generate stimulation modes and create designs which are intended for DC inductors and transformers. It also possesses advanced capabilities including electro-mechanical simulation, stress analysis, temperature analysis, Monte Carlo analysis, and worst-case analysis. This program also includes curve-fit optimizers which enable engineers to design circuits of very high performance. The outputs are guaranteed reliable and capable of enduring parameter variations.

PSpice A_D has scalability options as well. This utility can also be integrated with MathWorks MATLAB. Full integration with OrCAD Capture and Allego Design Entry HDL is possible as well. To summarize, this is a program that increases speeds convergence in designs, improves operational reliability, and increases the overall productivity of the team.